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If I were President

If I were the Israeli Prime minister, I would

    1. Change the education system

    Create flexible system to adjust per children's needs. Focus on learning skills.

    point 1 can be a separate idea list.

    2. Increase investments in periphery cities to provide higher standard on living.

    Health, income, schools etc...

    3. Have only 2 political parties to have governmental stability and avoid election every 1.5 years.

    same as US. currently in Israel we have 10!

    4. Reduce taxes in general, especially on healthy food

    5. Promote initiatives to get better health by focusing on prevention

    Such as ZERO taxes on healthy food etc. It will save spending on health in the future (hospitals etc)

    physically and mentally.

    6. ZERO tolerance for terror attacks and crime.

    Sanctity of life is the #1 value

    7. Make peace with close and far countries.

    8. Export Israeli innovation to help people and make the world a better place!

    9. Have Energy independence

    it will boost the economy when people will go out and spend money.

    10. Take care of the older adults, as life expectancy increased

    Special educational/health programs etc.

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