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If you cannot hear the Voice for God, it is because you do not choose to listen. (1 min 53 sec)

The "Voice for God" is your inner guidance and communication channel between you and the divine. 
It is the part of your mind that is connected to the wisdom, love, and guidance of God. 
The Voice for God is your direct line of communication through which you receive spiritual insights, inspiration, and guidance in navigating your life. 
The "Voice of God" is the Holy Spirit, which is the bridge between your ego-based thinking and the higher truth of your spiritual nature. 
The "Voice for God" helps you to discern between the illusions of the ego and the truth of love, guiding you towards forgiveness, healing, and awakening to your true nature.

If you cannot hear the Voice for God, it is because you do not choose to listen. (1 min 53 sec)

    1. That you do listen to the voice of your ego is demonstrated by your attitudes, your feelings and your behavior.

    2. Yet this is what you want.

    3. This is what you are fighting to keep, and what you are vigilant to save.

    4. Your mind is filled with schemes to save the face of your ego, and you do not seek the face of Christ.

    The face of Christ" is the recognition of the divine essence within each yourself.
    It goes beyond the physical appearance and represents the divine presence, love, and light that is inherent in every being. 
    The "Face of Christ" symbolizes the awareness of your shared oneness with God and all Creation.
    The "Face of Christ" transcends the limitations of the ego and perceiving the divine reality beyond form. 
    It is a metaphorical expression pointing to the indescribable experience of divine presence and the awakening to your true spiritual identity.

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