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If You Could Only Learn 10 More Skills In Your Life

    1. Playing Guitar

    I'm not very musical and the discipline of practice has always escaped me. If I could simply wish it, I would learn guitar (acoustic and electric), piano and harmonica plus singing, but if it was only one, I'd pick guitar. Let's say acoustic.

    2. Parkour

    While we're wishing in fantasy land, let's pretend my joints would be up to this.

    3. Coding (Ruby? Something to make apps with)

    4. Carpentry?

    Honestly, I'd be satisfied with enough knowledge to walk out of a hardware store with 100% confidence that I bought the right part, and won't be back in an hour to try and return it. Being better at home maintenance and repair would be nice, right up to being able to build small structures.

    5. Product Management

    I think the next phase of my career could/should involve this.

    6. Wim Hof Breathing

    I"ve played with the Wim Hof Method, especially cold exposure, but I've never gotten very good at the breathing exercises, which is odd because I can hold my breath at an above-average level. If I could get past the discomfort and reach longer 'retention' times, I think I could reap more benefits.

    7. Hypnosis

    I've played with Self-Hypnosis, primarily as stress relief or relaxation/sleep aid. Apparently, you can get good at it, and if I learned enough, I could help others.

    8. Free-diving

    I love being underwater. I'm a mediocre scuba diver, but I thought this would be fun to learn.

    9. Surfing

    10. Skydiving/Wingsuit

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