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If You Could Only Own 10 Things.

This question requires a lot of interpretation. I won't include some obvious first answers like "my house," "my car," or things for other members in my family (since I have a wife, three kids, and three pets who all have their own needs). Let's assume I need to go all-out James Altucher-style entrepreneurial hobo, pack everything I need into one bag, and leave town. Here's what I'll pack in my bag.

    1. Computer

    It's where most of my work gets done. My actual computer is a beast of a machine that I customized and maxed out myself, and not practical to carry. So let's just assume I'll be packing a laptop like a normal person.

    2. Smartphone

    Who doesn't have a smartphone these days? Definitely a must-have in modern times. My phone basically runs my day. I also store all my ebooks, documents, and photos in the cloud so I can access them from my phone or computer.

    3. Glasses

    I wear contacts, but if I could only own ten things, I would just wear my glasses full time.

    4. Toothbrush

    Again, I use a number of personal hygiene items, but if I could only own ten items, the toothbrush is probably the most crucial item to carry with me. Shaving isn't even that important to me. I would just grow out my beard (on a side note, my wife has been encouraging me to do this, but I resist because I'm afraid I would look like a terrorist).

    5. Some basic clothes

    This is self-explanatory. I don't need anything fancy. I don't even need a suit. Just some pants and T-shirts.

    6. Wallet

    I'm really struggling to think of things I absolutely need now. Yes, I'll need my wallet with credit cards and ID cards in it.

    7. Nail clippers

    Another hygiene item that I just thought of. This one is important because you usually don't go somewhere and borrow someone else's nail clippers. I'll keep my own.

    8. Passport

    I'll bring my passport to keep my travel options open.

    9. Supplements

    I take a few supplements regularly. Of the supplements I take, I feel that zinc has benefited me the most. I'll bring a bottle of zinc pills.

    10. Shoes

    I almost forgot this one. A good pair of walking shoes.

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