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If you had the chance to erase one moment from your life, what would it be and why?


    1. Lying to my parents about my grades throughout middle school and high school

    2. Lying to my parents about attending and graduating from law school

    I'm actually a college dropout

    3. Picking up smoking in college

    I've for over 25 years since then and I have found it nearly impossible to quit. Its practically part of my identity!

    4. Repeatedly promising my girlfriend I would quit smoking when I couldn't

    5. Smoking that cigarette after my girlfriend met my parents which started us down the road of breaking up

    It was August 15th, 2020. The best day of my life, and then things went downhill from there

    6. The first argument I had with my girlfriend after which I had to apologize to her

    7. Having a political argument with my girlfriend in front of her mom which I learned later on offended her mom...

    8. Not having a fully formed and informed opinion about Black Lives Matter when it truly mattered to my girlfriend

    9. Moments when I was rude, impatient, or indifferent to my parents when visiting them

    10. Moments when I am anxious when I should be grateful

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