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If You Had To Live on $2000 USD Per Month, How Would You Do It?

I have already done this and don't spend much more than this on myself today. Much harder when you have to support a family or want to live with nicer things! Much easier to do when not in an expensive city.

    1. Housing

    This is usually the biggest cost. I'll be generous and say 1k you can either find a one-bedroom apartment or get a nice place with others. This includes utilities.

    1k left.

    2. Healthcare

    200 bucks a month for their best plan. Used this when I had my own business and it worked great. Everything over 500 bucks was reimbursed 100%. There are likely similar programs for different religions.

    800 left.

    3. Food

    1 person should be able to eat for under 100 bucks a week. If you cook at home. You can eat quite well, actually. Skip breakfast, as @randomroger said.

    400 left.

    4. Transportation

    Buy a bike. Use the bus. Let's give 100 bucks a month for uber/lyft in a jam.

    300 left.

    5. Cell phone

    Should be able to get a plan for 30-40 bucks a month.

    260 left.

    6. Internet

    Big cost, if you really only make 20-30k a year, you might qualify for a discount, or even free internet, in some cases. I'll go nuts and say it's 80 bucks.

    180 left.

    7. Fun/Entertainment

    You'll need to find free things to do. Parks. Museums. Free live events. But, let's also get a Netflix subscription. 12 bucks, I think? It might be smarter to get Amazon prime, so you get movies and get free shipping for things.

    Let's also give 25 bucks a week for other entertainment. That will get you a meal out. Or a few drinks at a decent bar. See a movie, or two.

    68 left.

    8. Odds and Ends

    You'll need toothpaste, tissue paper, etc. That 68 a month should roughly cover it.....

    0 left

    9. Gym?

    Could get a gym membership for 20-30 bucks. Part of entertainment? Or live in a cheaper place. There you can take free showers. Some have free snacks. You'll be around people.

    10. This is doable

    Not to mention, if I only had 2k a month to spend, I would not spend 1k a month on housing. You can cut that down a lot and maybe even have some room for savings!

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