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If You Had To Live on $2000 USD Per Month, How Would You Do It?

    1. Pool resources

    Room mates, grocery shopping, etc.

    2. Downsize

    Usually finding a smaller place to live means paying less, but not always.

    3. Sell stuff

    I definitely have too much stuff that could be turned into cash

    4. Network

    Get to know your friends, neighbors, family. Who can do what to help whom?

    5. Create another income stream

    Maybe this is a 2nd job, maybe it's another side hustle, etc.

    6. Barter

    Remember what I said about having too much stuff?

    7. Move

    $2000.00 / month goes a lot farther in some parts of the country than it does others.

    8. Alternative living arrangements

    This is similar to above but more variable. Could you live in your vehicle? A tent? What about house sitting? Or caretaking a residence? Could you find a job where housing was included? I once lived for free in an apartment above the local funeral home. The only caveat was that I had to be available between 8p-8a to respond if someone had passed away and needed transportation to the funeral home. Not very busy but not for everyone.

    9. Learn about all the free resources available in the area.

    These are different everywhere but common examples are libraries, parks, food pantries, cooling centers, etc.

    10. Good reason to ditch a bad habit.

    Personally I drink too much soft drink (or Pop). If I replaced the Pepsi and Mountain Dew with home brewed Iced Tea it would save money and be better for me. Most bad habits and vices cost money that can be more useful elsewhere.

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