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If You Had To Live on $2000 USD Per Month, How Would You Do It?

What I might do if I had to live on $2k USD per month ( I am taking this to mean net after taxes)

    1. Digital Disconnect

    No internet service, just basic phone data plan and sell my current phone and pay in full for a used or new phone. Cancel all streaming services and cable.

    2. Eat all meals on the cheap

    I would have to Sacrifice health for this one because other than normal living expenses, the next biggest expense for me is eating healthy, taking supplements, vitamins and CBD. I would have to lose almost all of that. I would have to resort to shopping at Aldi (not knocking Aldi but their prices are extremely low for most of the items) I would eat home made burritos, pp&j and mac n' cheese on the daily. I would probably have two meals a day.

    3. Keep AC/Heat at the bare minimum

    When it's hot outside, I would keep the AC high and be uncomfortable during most of the day and save it for night time. After a while, just turning it down two degrees, my body will adjust and I will be fine, same in the Winter, just wear warmer clothes in the house. While you are at it, unplug unused appliances and electronics. When you are done using them, make it a habit to unplug them. Replace some old bulbs in your house with more energy efficient ones. Use less electricity if possible, maybe purchase battery powered lights and fans in your home. Doing all of these things will help lower your energy bills.

    4. Find creative ways to be entertained

    Go outside more, get rides with other people to places and save up for any fun I want to have which may mean only one or two days per month instead of per week.

    5. Look into ways to commute to save money

    I would take different routes to places I frequent to avoid paying tolls. I can also try to get normal shopping done with deliveries by using places that offer free or low cost deliveries or having others bring me what I need if I purchase them online for pick up and avoid paying any delivery fees.

    6. Add more value to others around me who are making a significant amount higher income

    I am not saying to become a Mooch or beg for their money, but maybe I can do things for them that enhances their lives or makes things easier for them and they might help me with something in return...they might have me over more often for dinner, or take me with them on night out, they may have some items that they no longer need or they don't value as much anymore that I may have a use for and they offer it to me.

    7. Cancel insurance

    Extremely risky, and may not be an option for people with kids or medical conditions. Even if you are single or married with zero kids, canceling health and or life insurance is very risky. Depending on how much you pay per month, you would have more money to spend in more areas. This also depends on where you work because you may not have the option to drop health insurance but maybe you can find a less expensive alternative. You have to have auto insurance, but when was the last time you shopped around for a lower rate with similar coverage? Even if you only save $15 per month, that can pay for food or something else.

    8. Do your own maintenence

    Are you paying for a lawn care service like grass and hedge cutting or laying down seed? If you are able bodied enough, you can get a second hand lawnmower at a garage sale or borrow one from your neighbor, or someone you know may have one to give you. Do your own lawn care buy laying your own seed and fertilizer down and see if you can get tools cheap or free to maintain the bushes, flower beds etc..

    9. Cut down your shower time

    Do you ever see how much time you spend in the shower each time? Lets say you're spending 14 minutes each time, cut it to 10. If you use hot or warm water the entire time, maybe try cold or cooler water for the majority of the time. Check how long your sprinklers run each time and maybe cut that down somewhat.

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