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If you lived on a quiet little island suddenly connected to mainland by bridge, which then became overrun with tourists, what would you do?

Let's bridge the gap.

    1. The tiny island I live on is one destination but there are infinite number of ways to explore it and I would certainly be open to exploring it with tourists.

    2. I have a storyteller's ear so it would be exciting for me to hear the stories that the tourists would be open to share with me.

    3. I would welcome the change. It used to be a quiet little island now it's filled with tourist. It's time for me to explore this new gift from the universe.

    4. I relish the unknown while most spend their time resisting it. There are no accidents and the tourists not only have a right to be here they bring with them good tidings if I am open to it.

    5. I would endeavor to help the tourists explore the tiny island through my eyes.

    6. I'd put forth great effort to make the tourist feel like they were at home.

    7. I'd build a community table centered on food and sharing with the tourists in order to share a meal and conversation.

    8. I'd make every effort to show the tourists just how hospitable our culture is on this tiny island.

    9. I'd say "good morning" to every tourist in an audible tone and friendly voice. I want them to know they are welcome here.

    10. I'd thank every tourist for visiting the island and welcome them to come back again. Also, I'd encourage them to bring some friends with them the next time.

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