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If You're Unhappy I Finally Figured Out What The Problem Is

You're not comfortable using things that work such as kindness, generosity, gratitude, and the like.

You are, in fact, proficient at using things that have proven not to work - hate, fear, judgment, and ridicule just to name a few.

Not only are you proficient at these types of things but you actually prefer them.

    1. Why do you torture yourself?

    Why would you ever consider being nice to someone?

    Why would you even try to let go of any of your grievances?

    Why would you even entertain that another person could be right?

    Why would 'know thyself" even be on your bucket list?

    Why would peace of mind and happiness even appeal to you?

    You just have to hold on to all of that pain and unhappiness, don't you?

    2. You owe it to yourself to have fun.

    Gossip about as many people as you want.

    Blame your mom and dad for your unhappy life.

    Join the victim support group. I'm sure there's plenty of joy in the group.

    Your way of looking at the world I am certain is working out well for you.

    Your idea of fun is an interesting way to approach life.

    3. Never go for things that have been proven to work.

    How will you ever have a good life believing in love?

    How will you ever have a good life letting go of all your grievances?

    How will you ever be happy if you stopped thinking and believing someone else was the problem?

    How would knowing who you are improve the quality of your life?

    Be separate. Be famous. Be known. Be rich. That's what life is really all about.

    Don't just judge your neighbor. Judge him harshly. This always seems to work.

    I'm here to be truly helpful. What you want for you is what I want for you.

    I want all of your hopes and dreams to come true.

    Spend all of your waking hours getting as much as you can. Never stop stockpiling. Be sure to take some selfies so that I can admire you in all of your glory.

    4. Ferret out people who are just like you. It shouldn't be hard since you attract what you are.

    Find and locate someone who judges just like you.

    Find those that think and believe like you.

    Find all the finger-pointers and form a finger-pointing club. That sounds like a lot of fun.

    Waking up is overrated, to be asleep is preferred. You're on the right track.

    Stick it to the man before he has a chance to stick it to you.

    Forgiveness is public enemy number one.

    Forgive the way you've always forgiven...forgive but don't you ever forget.

    Live in the past, that's where life really is. If things aren't great yet, just keep living the way you do now and your future will be brighter.

    5. A good life.

    A good life is getting what you want.

    A good life is making others wrong and yourself right.

    A good life is attack/defense, attack/defense.

    A good life is one damn thing after another.

    A good life is going to war with others.

    A good life is experiencing fear, hate, guilt, unworthiness, sorrow, pain, and suffering.

    A good life is anything that brings your spirit down.

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