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I'm Awesome List

If I ever doubt myself I like to write this list. If you doubt yourself I highly recommend doing the same. You'll be glad you did. 


    1. Judo champ

    I only got to blue belt, but I know the techniques. I learned multiple martial arts so I'm not scared of getting into a fight, apart from not knowing how much damage I'm capable of doing. I know that if needed I can fight and win. 

    2. Courage

    I'm not the best singer, but I'll go up and sing whenever the opertunity arises. I say 'controversial' jokes. I'll speak my mind even if everyone else in the room disagrees with me. I'll start a conversation with anyone. When I feel fear I breath and do it anyway. 

    3. Smart

    I love solving problems. I'm able to notice big ones then work my way back in order to prevent /solve them.

    I've got a degree. I've got 3 published books. I've animated 2 music videos. I've got my own comic series. 

    4. Well liked

    I can make friends easily. I've friends from all walks of life. Some folk find this difficult yet it's in my blood. Out of all my talents I'm most proud of this. 

    5. Help

    I've helped tons of people over the years. Most of which they have to tell me about, because I'm unaware of it. I'm glad I'm a positive impact on others. It makes life worth living. 

    6. Happy

    I'm often intruduced as the happiest person my friends know. If that's the goal of life, I'm winning. 

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