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I'm going to leave the anonymity on the internet and start officially under my real name. 7 reasons why?

I've been writing in my journal for years. I always wanted to write publicly, but I didn't know if I would like it. So I tried for a few months an experiment under my current nickname Mr.OTG (which stands for Mr. OptionsToGrow, the name of my blog). I know it's not very originalšŸ˜€, but at least it got me started.

And the good news is, I enjoyed it.

So next Wednesday, I'm going to launch under my real name.
7 reasons why I want to do it....

    1. The writing experience has been very positive.

    The first traces in my journal where I talk about starting a blog go back a few years already.
    I procrastinated on something that kept coming back as a craving.

    Lesson learned: When an idea doesn't go away. I have to review it and make a decision. Make or forget it.

    2. Back to entrepreneurship.

    I've left corporate in the meantime and I'm now excited to return to entrepreneurship.
    My first project is around my blog. optionstogrow.com

    3. It's easier when no one knows you but...

    Exposing myself under my real name takes me out of my comfort zone. And sure, there will be pros and cons. But getting out of my zone is already a way to grow.

    4. Being Authentic.

    This is me, and I stand behind my ideas.

    5. Announce it to my network.

    Some will love it. Some will hate it. Most won't even look.
    You think everyone is interested in what you're going to do. But everyone is too busy with themselves.

    I like this project, and that's the most important thing.

    6. The power of the internet.

    After almost 20 000 visits to my website and hundreds of interactions on social networks, I met many interesting people who share the same interests as me. I'm happy to be able to exchange with them under my real name.

    The Internet is a magical place to find people with the same passions.

    7. Create a long-term work portfolio.

    After almost 150 articles written, I find myself rediscovering some of them.
    It's nice to have a home (a blog) to keep this thread of thought.

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