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I'm so blown away.

    1. To have, give all to all.

    Whatever it is that you want to have, you have to give.
    Every time you give you increase your store.

    2. All miracles are possible by God.

    There is no order of difficulty for God.

    3. All problems stem from the same source.

    A belief in - "I'm better than you."
    A belief in - "I'm worse than you"
    No belief in - "I'm You"
    A belief in separation.

    4. Your outer world is always a mirror image of an inner condition.

    5. Practice having a full appreciation for everything and everyone.

    6. Knowledge or Perception?

    One is Truth and the other is make-believe.

    7. You cannot lose what you communicate.

    How can you recognize the speck in your brother's eye without first seeing it in your own?

    8. Pleasure & Attack

    The two main uses of the body.

    9. An example of insane perception - F E A R

    10. Twisted

    The world's approach - "is to use bodies to get bodies to join"
    Love's approach - is "to use bodies to get Minds to join"

    11. Love doesn't condemn.

    All condemnation arises from an unhealed mind.
    What you hate, hates you. What you love, loves you.

    12. You are enough - right now.

    • Not if your startup is successful, now.
    • Not if you sell your company for 100 trillion billion dollars, now.
    • Not if your child gets into Harvard, now.
    • Not if you "beat" the stock market, now.
    • Not if you're No. 1 in the world, now.

    13. An attack always breaks communication.

    Someone becomes defensive.
    A flurry of judgments passed to and fro.

    14. God can't promote love and fear.

    15. All attack is a disguised form of fear.

    16. Anger is never justified.

    Because you are never upset for the reason you think you are.

    17. The #1 reason why most relationships fail.

    Because most people enter to get something, not to give.

    18. You are the one who is giving everything all the meaning in the world.

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