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I'm Under No Laws But God's Law

Substance comes from the Latin word "substantia," which comes from "sub" (under) and "stare" (to stand). 
The original meaning of "substantia" was "that which stands under" or "that which supports," and it was used to refer to the essential nature or essence of something.
Things of this world lack any real substance.

    1. Who we are is a Divine Creation of God.

    We are the answer to everything.
    We are God-godding. 
    We are ideas in the Mind of God.
    The Light is here. It has come. 
    You will see the Light when you make the decision to forgive the world including yourself.
    You are the I AM Presence but you will have to go beyond time to recognize it.

    2. Put God first.

    When you trust and let go everything you desire is given back to you.
    Spirit knows your heart and will bring to you what you want without the need to seek.
    Striving and goal-setting is not necessary.
    The 80/20 Principle. 80% of time is given to worldly pursuits and 20% of time is given to God and I'm being super generous. 
    What would happen if you reversed these percentages giving 80% of your time to  thoughts about God's unconditional love and 20% of your time was offered to worldly pursuits? 
    Miracles would pour down on you like a torrential rainstorm.
    When you trust God and just let go, everything that you want is given back to you with no effort on your part.

    3. Try it out. What do you have to lose?

    This is an invitation for you to approach life from an entirely new point of view.
    You've tried "your way" for decades only to achieve mixed results. 
    Your ducks never seem to line up in a row.
    Don't hold back bringing anything to the Light - job situations, finances, relationships, etc.
    When we learn to decide with God all of our decisions will become as easy as right as breathing.
    As we clear our minds of the darkness that enslaves us we are able to experience a joyful day - every day.

    4. To put God first means...

    letting go of all past beliefs
    relying on money
    relying on work
    relying on government
    relying on family, friends, and parents
    relying on children
    giving up relying on things of this world.

    5. I am not dependent on the laws of this world.

    I am not a body, I am free. I am still as God created me.
    I was not born and therefore I cannot die.
    I am not relying on the laws of economics or the laws of medicine.
    God is my metaphysics. God goes beyond the physics of this world.
    I am not at the mercy of this world.

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