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I’m waking up, here’s how. (1 min 5 sec)

I’m waking up, here’s how. (1 min 5 sec)

    1. I changed my mind about the situation and the situation and circumstances changed without any effort on my part.

    2. I changed my blocks to love’s awareness instead of trying to get others to bend to my will.

    3. I realized than inner and outer are always a perfect 🤩 match.

    4. I take 100% responsibility for my experiences and I blame no one including myself.

    5. I don’t become angry with the mirror when it reflects back to me the blue shirt 👕 I’m wearing.

    6. I know that if I want to see a red shirt 👚 being reflected back to me that I simply must change the shirt I’m wearing.

    7. When I’m not enjoying a movie I don’t run up to the screen and try to change it. I change my perception about what I’m viewing or I leave the theater altogether.

    8. I understand that anger and upset have nothing I want and I choose peace and love over wanting to be right.

    9. I realize that I cannot make any good decisions from a place of anger or upset. There’s never a justification for upset 😠 .

    10. Waking up is such a hard thing to do without Ezra coffee in my cup.

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