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Impossible tasks I can do next

I like to set myself task's that seem impossible.  What could I accomplish next?

    1. Make £1million

    I'm barely making £1,000 each month so this is a real challenge, but If I can get enough customers for my clothing/books it's possible.

    With each new customer I get closer to this goal.

    2. 1,000 true fans

    Gain a collection of people that will love and buy whatever I put out and do the marketing for me as they're as passionate about the products as I am.

    This seems like something I could easily do.  I'm myself in everything I do proudly excluding those that don't get it from the start.  Anyone who stays knows there's something special and want's to stay for the ride.

    3. Get interviewed on a podcast

    If I could become one of these expert's the likes of James interviews that would be amazing.

    To be at the top of my field and be an inspiration to others is a goal we should all strive for.

    4. Perform a full stand up set

    1 hour of nothing but my jokes.  This will take time, but it's possible.  I've already got a 10 minute set Based on a story.  I'm sure I can work stories around my other jokes and get to the hour mark easily.

    5. Start a family

    That is easy enough, but having a loving/awesome wife and kids is a lot harder.  I've accomplished everything else I've set my mind too so I'm sure I can do this too.

    6. Cartoon series

    Develop my own series of cartoons.  Have them become some of the most popular cartoon's of all time.

    7. Travel the world seeing friends

    The main reason for wanting a £million.  I've friends all over and would love to see them again.

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