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Improvements That Could Be Made To Cars

    1. Paint That Resists Keying

    Having your car keyed by some punk is one of the (first) world's worst feelings. If the car could self-heal or more easily have this be repaired, there'd be less misery in the world.

    2. Foldable/Collapsible.

    Parking can be hard to find, and there are parking lots with spaces dedicated to 'Small' cars, presumably to accommodate more spaces. If even larger cars could shrink down for parking, we could get more spaces/cars parked.

    3. Changeable paint

    Picking a colour can be tough. Imagine if you could express yourself with your car the way you can with clothes.

    4. Cellular Signal Enhancement

    There are vehicular wireless repeaters available, but I'm imagining if the car's roof and metal infrastructure could be used as a passive antenna so that you always get the best signal while driving.

    5. Less Environmental Impact

    Emissions and rare metal mining are both harmful.

    6. More Safety Features

    These are always increasing as technology marches on anyway, but you can never be too safe.

    7. Augmented Reality on the Side Windows

    Identifying landmarks, wildlife, and places of interest.

    8. Pothole Detection

    Detect the pothole and brace the suspension system to minimize the impact.

    9. Filter Bad Smells

    Rolling down windows in cold weather is never fun.

    10. Flying Cars

    Always the fantasy of "the future".

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