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Improvements To Christmas

This year's holiday season was axtough one, and not one I'd care to repeat....

    1. Charitable Donations Rather Than Gifts

    I'll never be a minimalist, but generally, if I need something I go out and buy it. When I try to hold out for something to arrive as a gift, it either doesn't come, or it's the wrong version or something.

    Mix that with hearing how some don't have enough to make ends meet, and I think I'd be happier knowing that people's money was going to where it would actually do some good.

    2. Start Early #1: Cards

    N.B. Get addresses first.

    3. Start Early #2: Gift Lists for the kids

    4. Set Reminders for all the Start Early Items

    P.S. Idea Lists in NotePD could come with reminders/due dates so they could be revisited and/or used as to-do lists.

    5. Never Run Out of Egg Nog

    6. Be Willing To Go To the Mall

    The mall I hung out at as a teenager ended up saving my bacon for my wife's gift where it wouldn't have come in from Amazon on time.

    7. Try to Learn To Play/Perform a Christmas Song

    8. Avoid Travel

    It's Cold/Flu season. There were snowstorms all over the place. The travel was to see people we were unable to see. We needn't have bothered...

    9. Engage the Kids In the Spirit of Giving

    They're mature enough that they aren't quite purely materialistic and counting how many gifts there are, but aside from a handwritten note, they made no effort to give.

    10. Always Count Your Blessings

    In spite of many obstacles and misfires, this Christmas had a lot to recommend it.

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