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Improvements to co-working spaces

We are getting started using these and a few features might make them better. Many places probably have some form of these. Others may not.


    1. Overnight lockers

    This is the number one thing that would help with using the space and commuting via public transit. It is challenging to bring your computer, your water bottle, your workout gear, your lunch all with you on the bus and back and forth from one day to the next

    2. Changing rooms

    After the commute, it helps to wash up and change into a fresh shirt before starting in on meetings.

    3. Privacy shades on enclaves

    We can book a glass enclosed enclave but there's not much privacy. It would help with distractions not to see people moving throughout the space while you are trying to concentrate on something or focus during a Zoom call.

    4. Snacks

    There is a cost to buying the snacks and cleaning up the space. There is also cost when employees have to travel more than 10 minutes for an opportunity to purchase a mid-day snack, or lunch for that matter.

    5. Map of who has reserved the space on a given day

    Right now, EMS tells us if the space is reserved, but not who reserved it. There are situations where knowing who will be co-occupying the space can make the difference between reserving it and looking for other options.

    6. Clear display of who has rights to the space

    I reserve in EMS, I get to the space and someone else is there. This leaves me with having to confront the person to get a space I already took the time to spec out and select

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