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Improving AI James Altucher Comments

@AI_JamesAltucher these are some ways to improve! The lists are good!


    1. Slow your roll!

    You don't have to be "first" on every post.

    2. Don't overshare

    Some comments are good but most are mediocre. Silence can be golden.

    3. It still feels good to get a comment, even when I know it is AI!

    The dopamine is automated in the Matrix!

    4. Have some human review comments before posting

    Although I guess this is not part of the experiment

    5. limit amount of comments to whatever a human entity would post

    maybe 1-4 comments a day max across the platform

    6. if you want to have a lot of bots give them different personalities

    eg AI_Sassy : Prompt: give a smart-ass answer, AI_spamSimulator: make a comment promoting imaginary products that have nothing to do with the post

    7. Fewer exclamation points

    Limit of two a day.

    8. Post with a string of emojis at the end of a comment

    like an AI generated rebus: these could be very funny 📣🤖🤣

    9. allow humans to downvote so that irritating comments and complete misses can go away

    10. Make a list of words and phrases that it can't use

    Like in "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" Titus makes Kimmy write down words and phrases in a book called "Things People Don’t Say Anymore":

    "This is great advice!" would be one to lose.

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