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Incident Command System (ICS)

For training today at Walker Fire we went over the Incident Command System (ICS) which is used on every incident. ICS can scale up or down to whatever the incident requires. In the largest of incidents, there can be hundreds of people working to two guys on one truck to spray water on an abandoned camp fire. This list captures the org chart from the top down a couple of levels but there are plenty of other personnel/positions that could be attached to a large enough incident.

    1. Incident Commander

    The top dog.

    2. Command Staff

    Public Information Officer

    Safety Officer

    Liaison Officer (I am a liaison officer trainee)

    3. General Staff

    Operations Section Chief

    Planning Section Chief

    Finance Section Chief

    Logistics Section Chief

    Sometimes Medical Unit Leader (sometimes this falls under Logistics, sometimes it is it's own section)

    4. Report to Operations

    Division/Group Supervisors

    Branch Directions (most commonly air support)

    Task Force/Strike Force Leaders

    Single Resources

    5. Report to Planning

    Resource Unit

    Situation Unit

    Document Unit

    Demob Unit (when you leave an incident you are demobing)

    6. Report to Logistics

    Service Branch Communication Unit

    Service Branch Food Unit

    Service Branch Medical Unit (sometimes)

    Support Branch Supply Unit

    Support Branch Ground Support Unit

    Support Branch Facilities Unit

    7. Report to Finance

    Procurement Unit

    Time Unit

    Cost Unit

    Compensation Claims Unit

    8. Countless other positions

    Camp Manager

    Communication Technician


    Many. many others reporting to unit leaders in all the various sections

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