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Income ideas

Any passive income ideas ?

    1. Writing for websites

    I did this for about 10 years. Every month I'd write 30-50 articles and submit them to various websites (listed below). The pay was $10-$20 an article but it added up.

    2. Affiliate marketing

    Find products that you believe in and then promote them as an affiliate. You get a % of the sales if someone buys the product after clicking your link.

    3. Selling on Amazon FBA

    Find good quality products that are selling well on amazon, buy them at wholesale, list them as "new" on amazon, and make a profit when you sell. Do research to find which products are selling well, do research to find good quality products at wholesale prices, etc. This is a great business model but requires some learning to do it well.

    4. Real estate rental properties

    Buy apartment buildings or single family homes and rent them out. You can use mortgage loans from banks or other investors to buy properties and then make money off the rents over the long term. This is not easy but if done right can be very profitable for everyone involved (including the investor who buys the property from you later).

    5. Crypto arbitrage

    Buy crypto on one exchange, move it to another exchange where it's cheaper, sell it there, take your money back to your bank account and repeat until you have enough money to start buying real estate with mortgages or investing in other ways described above. Again, not easy but potentially very profitable over time if done right.

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