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Intention is something you create every day.

It seems obvious to everyone.

To live the life we want or to let ourselves be carried away.

But then why do we let ourselves be transported so often?

Staying for hours in front of mind-numbing videos

Wasting an hour scrolling through messages on social networks.

Reloading the media every 15 minutes in search of the latest distressing news

Short-term pleasure. We look for short-term pleasure.

    1. But all these short-term pleasures become long-term sufferings.

    -Disconnecting from the loved ones around us.

    -Not creating the business project of our dreams

    -Not learning that new language that would enhance our career

    -Not making that investment that has the potential to shorten our retirement age.

    2. But we all have the choice to turn things around.

    Become aware of this concept of short and long-term pleasure and reverse the trend

    Take the time to think about what you want

    Write down what it would cost you in the long run emotionally, intellectually, and financially not to do it

    Block out time to achieve what you wish

    3. There is nothing magical about it. But this (small) effort of short-term reflection is the difference between an intentional life or an endured life.

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