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Intersections of Ideas: Monetizing At The Cross-Roads

From James' recent post (gotta make that list!)

TikTok (for now) garners anyone the highest ROI for advertising. Everything from metal workers to OnlyFans - how to's and what not to do's. An accountant showing how to break down a monthly budget brings value to the end user. That same end user, come tax time, will most likely seek out the accounting services from this person.

A way to flip this around (to bring value) is to flip this around. I might ask, "why are people viewing this? What problems do the end users have that this video solves?"

(This idea list kind of took on a mind of its own. . .)

    1. Boredom

    During the depression in the 1930's, there were no jobs, the economy was a mess, and people didn't have much to do. Surprisingly, movie ticket sales soared. Faced with an uncertain future people wanted to be entertained. Perhaps to avoid the truth or simply to feel good for a while when everything else was going down the tubes.

    Reviving an old idea. . .

    Promote an outdoor movie night. And like the movies, the money is in the concessions. Or in this case, you make money from a percent of the food truck sales to the event.

    Target locally - Perhaps the how to do everything could be a NotePD list. Which could then be made into a course if successful.

    2. Promoting The How To

    If the list/course is successful then this is now another monetization opportunity. Figuring out how to monetize a course.

    Which brings another intersection

    3. Selling Digitally

    How do you then promote the course of How To Create a Home Grown Movie Empire? Back to social media. On one side you are promoting the course by simply talking about how you made X on the food truck vendors.

    4. Intersecting the Land

    The land that you use to run the movies on the weekends could potentially be used for another purpose during the day. Perhaps running a farmers market in the day time and movies at night.

    5. Connections

    Now with the connections made with the produce sellers and the food truck vendors, this gives you a way to expand your locations.

    6. Documentation

    Each and every intersection gives a new potential for content to feed into "your brand."

    7. What's Missing?

    If you have a lot of people that end up coming to the events, at the end of the movies have a QR code for the people to take a survey and they get free tickets/food/etc. This way you can find out more about them.

    8. Niche

    As an example, let's say you promoted sci-fi horror movie date nights in October - Christmas movies during December etc. For the sci-fi horror, combined with an online presence, you could say you'll be at the Comicon event. For Christmas, your outfit could be promoted to churches.

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