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iPhone case + matchbox

    1. Emergency Fire Starter

    Attach a striking surface from the matchbox to the back of the iPhone case.

    2. Survival Kit

    The iPhone case can be transformed into a small survival kit by storing a few essential items like a mini flashlight, a fishing hook, a tiny compass, and some matches inside the case.

    3. Wallet with Hidden Compartment

    A secret compartment within the iPhone case to stash cash, a spare key, or other small valuables, using the matchbox as the hidden storage space.

    4. Mini Spice Kit

    I can fill the matchbox with your favorite spices (dried herbs, salt, pepper, etc.) to have a handy seasoning kit for picnics or outdoor cooking attached to your iPhone case.

    5. Mini First Aid Kit

    I can put a few bandages, antiseptic wipes, and medication inside the matchbox, and attach it to the iPhone case to have a compact first aid kit on hand.

    6. Secret Message or Treasure Cache

    7. Miniature Art Kit

    8. Sewing Kit

    9. Earbud Holder

    The matchbox can be a storage compartment for the earbuds, preventing them from getting tangled or damaged while they're not in use.

    10. Survival Whistle

    The matchbox can include a small whistle attached to the iPhone case to have a signaling device for emergencies.

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