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Nicola Fisher


It started with a dining table

    1. Facebook Marketplace

    I put a dining table on Facebook Marketplace. It was purchased by a guy called Bill. As people do around here he asked about us. Chris, who is blind, told him he was a Woodturner.

    2. Speaking Engagement

    Within the next week Chris had a call from Phil, then Chairman of a farmers' group. Bill was a member and had suggested Chris as a potential speaker. 

    3. Bull shed

    A few weeks later we arrived at a converted cow shed. Full of farmers. Log fire burning. The best home cooked meal. Chris did his thing and shared his story. 

    4. Honorary farmers

    We had such a great time we asked if we could go again. We became honorary farmers. 

    5. End of season

    The season ends around March as it's lambing season and harvesting. One of the last meetings was the AGM. Chris was under the weather so I went alone. Chris was voted in as Vice Chairman!

    6. Farmer friends

    Phil is now a good friend and we have several other farmer friends. 

    7. Experiences

    Because of that dining table sale I've ...

    • seen lambs being born
    • have an open invitation to the nearby dairy farm
    • have scored at a clay pigeon shoot
    • been up to the top of a dale to see amazing views
    • been to a specialist breed open day
    • have had two crazy sheepdogs befriend me

    None of this would have happened if I hadn't decided to sell the table!

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