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It's a Lot of Love - I Love Marketing

And it's not actually all that complicated.
You just need to be organized and communicative.
You have to think the opposite of the way most humans think.
Oh...wait until you learn to influence both buyers and sellers. Now that's a Ding Dong!

    1. What are you going to sell?

    What's your irresistible offer (IRO)?
    What's your marketing offer that just can't be refused?
    Your “no-brainer."
    The "hell yes" or "hell no" thing ---- you know---, all that stuff.
    Be definitive - not wishy-washy.
    Which voice do you want to listen to? The voice of sanity or insanity?
    The Voice For God or the Egos?
    The same thing goes whether you're selling a product or a service.
    Deciding this in advance is going to save you a lot of time, pain, and disappointment.
    Who are you going to serve? 
    How much do you know about the marketplace you plan to serve?
    Go all in. Burn your ships.

    2. Stop being a jack of all trades - master of none

    Don't dabble.
    Be the last one they'd throw overboard if you were on the Titanic.
    Expertise isn't a lost art contrary to what most people believe.
    Become consumed with it. 
    With what? Now that's for you to figure out.
    Live it.
    Breathe it.
    .......Oh, I know you - you want another smorgasbord of ideas. Don't make me laugh.
    For God's sake, specialize in something. 
    Gifts and opportunities are all around you but you don't see them because your time is spent in the past (already gone) or the future (not yet) 
    - And that's what obscures your Now moment - Your God Essence
    The time has arrived. Are you going Deep with One -----or ----shallow with many.
                   I'm only here to be truly helpful.

    3. Being the most popular

    Are you seeking external validation and attention?
    Does that desire ever end? 
    Does that beast ever get enough to eat?
    You seek it because it's both fast and convenient. 
    Your desire for millions never ends. 
    Millions of dollars, followers, likes, shares, comments....OMG You went viral.
    Marketing is not about being the most popular.
    Marketing is about connection.
    Marketing is about serving the needs of the marketplace.
    Marketing is about finding creative ways to love people.
    You must put the wood in first.
    Be a Go-Giver.
    Good Marketing wants for nothing.
    Good Marketing needs nothing. 
    But it has everything that you want.
    Good Marketing has already "Cracked the Code."

    4. People are inherently lazy.

    That's why a little willingness is all that's required.
    And most people won't even do that.
    I know some of you may find that hard to believe.
    That most people want the Easy Button.

    Good Marketing makes you confident when you push that button.

    5. People want to save money

    I totally understand.

    How much do Americans Save?

    According to data available from the Federal Reserve's Board Survey of Consumer Finances, the median savings balance -- not including retirement funds -- of Americans under 35 is just $3,240, while that jumps to $6,400 for those ages 55-64.
    Well, we can all see that plan's not working too well.
    The same applies when you offer a product or service.
    How has discounting your price worked out so far?
    How has not seeing that if the price is what you focus on it's a race to the bottom?
    Devote sometime contemplating value not price.
    Value - the usefulness of something.
    Even though people are frugal. They still value convenience.
    And they do not mind exchanging their dollars for value and kind attitude.
    And you'll be able to save more because you'll have more money available for savings.

    6. Learn to drive for yourself and others

    i.e. manage both sides of the equation.
    Have you ever thought about it like that before?
    Buying inventory.
    Selling it for a profit.
    This works with all kinds of inventory.
    This applies to how you think as well as marketing for profit.
    It's the best way to increase your bottom line.
    Just because someone offers you a gift doesn't mean you have to accept it.
    This is the best way for you to influence the marketplace.

    7. The rewind

    Learn to be extremely communicative with a touch of silence.
    Understand the game you're playing. 
    It's a Math Game.
    People still appreciate good customer service. 
    Please, thank you, and awesome goes a long way.
    Become indispensable.
    Have sweaty palms. 
    Be available.
    Negotiations are for those who haven't "cracked the code"'
    The profit margin is always there. Dig deeper or abandon.
    Don't attach to the outcome.
    No one cares what you think. 
    Don't ignore the data.
    It's just marketing.

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