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It's not ok to be not ok

I see 'it's ok to be not ok' far too often.  The statement is idiotic and here's why.

It's not ok to be not ok

    1. Is this ok?

    No motivation to do anything.

    Being depressed.

    Wanting to end your life?

    Are they ok?  Because I think it's the exact opposite of ok.  If you're feeling these feelings you're far from ok.  Don't accept these as ok, they're not ok, get better.

    2. 2nd order thinking

    What happens next?  If you accept it as ok you continue to live in hell.  Looking around you as your world burns and thinking 'this is fine ' 'I'm okay.'. Sooner or later reality will hit you hard and when it does it, you will be far from ok.

    Or do you tell yourself as soon as you notice the depression seeping in, that this isn't ok.  That I'll stop this now and work until I get myself out of this state.  If it's possible to get yourself into that state, it's possible for you to get yourself out.  It's not ok to be not ok.  As soon as you feel less than ok, get to work to get better.

    3. Math

    5 = 5

    Good = good

    Ok = not ok

    One of the above equations is wrong, but can you work out what one?  That's right it's the one that says one thing is the same as it's opposite.  Well done on seeing that, because many have become blind to this simple fact.  Can you fix the equation?  Easy!

    Ok = ok

    Not ok = not ok

    4. Numb

    If you accept that all the bad feelings are ok you might get 'lucky' and become numb.  Nothing affects you your not happy or sad just in a constant state of numbness.  

    Feelings are what set us apart from robots, it what makes us human.  We're made to feel, even if those feelings suck.

    5. Problem solving

    A gang of thugs are in the distance, running towards you, shouting abuse and swinging weapons.  They're going to make sure you're in pain.  It will take them 5 minutes to reach you. What do you do?

    That's right.  You accept the beating because a little (or even a hell of a lot of) pain is okay.

    Really though you'd turn and run at the first sign of them.  Why? Because deep down we know it's not ok.  Bad thoughts are no different to that gang you have time to dismiss them, reword them focus on something else.  Don't accept the beating that's coming, run.

    6. Thoughts/actions

    Instead of asking yourself 'why does no one like me?'generating a big list of reasons why no one should like you and feeling like crap whenever you read it, pause.  Reword your thought into a better question.  One that leads to better answers.  Answers that make you feel great.  Instead of asking 'why does no one like me?' ask 'how can I become more popular ' generate a list of actions you can take to grow and ask you perform said actions your life will slowly improve and as a result you'll feel better.

    We are only in control of 2 things our thoughts and actions.  Forget everything else and focus on these.  That's all you need to create a better life.  

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