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It's Not Rocket Science - There's always an easier way

Sometimes it's so easy it seems unfair.

It's easier for someone else to build a website for me than it is to build my own.

It's easier for someone to move a 500-pound furnace from the garage to the truck using a hand truck than it would be for 4-5 men.

It's easier to be kind to someone than it is to be unkind. When you're unkind everyone feels awful and nobody wins.

    1. Quit trying to scale, the unscalable.

    Scalability is already built into the formula. As your mind and heart is elevated so is the rest of the world.

    You be kind and the entire world is kind to you.

    No representatives - just you.

    It feels so good, that you'll prefer to savor it rather than scaling it.

    2. Life can be difficult but at least there's an easier path.

    Life can be easier for you than it is presently. Were you aware of this fact?

    Did you know that you have options?

    You don't have to always do what you've always done.

    You don't have to get what you've always gotten?

    I just wanted to remind you that you have options.

    3. Choices - There are only two

    In a world of duality, there can only be two choices, two concepts, or two aspects.,

    I've just given you an invitation to make your life much simpler.

    There may appear to be many but there are only ever two.

    Are you going to see with the eyes of love? of innocence?


    Are you going to see with the eyes of fear? of guilt?

    Everything in life that you think and believe is a derivative of love or fear

    A loving person sees everything that the body does as a loving act or a call for love.

    You're either walking through life fearful or loving.

    You either separate or join.

    You are either peaceful or at war.

    You'll always know which choice you've made because one feels good and the other one doesn't.

    You're the protagonist in each choice you make so there's no escaping responsibility. I didn't say you wouldn't try to, I'm just saying there's no way you don't have the ability to respond in a loving way.

    Life is easy - you complicate it. No worries you're still innocent, you'll create plenty of opportunities to choose love again.

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