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I've been thinking about a Personal Flotation Device (PFD or life jacket) designed for fishing from a Stand-Up Paddleboard (SUP)

In the past few years, Stand-Up Paddleboarding has been the fastest growing segment of the paddle sports industry. Like kayaks before them, fishermen have discovered the SUP and are either modifying existing designs or demanding boards made with an emphasis towards fishing. Towards that end, I've tried to come up with a list of design features that I believe a SUP life jacket optimized for fishing would have.

I've been thinking about a Personal Flotation Device (PFD or life jacket) designed for fishing from a Stand-Up Paddleboard (SUP)

    1. The design would be something of a cross between Load Bearing Equipment (LBE) and PFD.

    But very minimalist and breathable so as not to restrict the movement and posture required for either paddling or casting.

    2. It would be inflatable.

    The bladders would lie vertically along the mid-clavicular line. (Similar to a pair of suspenders). The inflation would have to be a manual pull-tab arrangement. Less than ideal, but a good compromise.

    3. The rear of the PFD would have a pouch for a Camelbak style drink bladder.

    4. A pouch that attaches under the arm to hold one flat plastic tackle box.

    Everything about fishing from an SUP is a minimalist approach. This one box would hold a few lures and the basic rigging necessary. The pouch should ride along the base of the rib cage. Not high up and not on the hips. Ideally it would have quick attach/detach points so it could be rigged under either arm and be interchangeable with ...

    5. A Rod Caddy.

    ... that attaches to the side opposite the tackle box pouch. This could be cylindrical in shape and be able to hold either a collapsible fishing pole, or the butt of a larger pole along with a pair of velcro shoulder straps. The idea isn't to carry the pole all the time. During the paddle out or back, the pole would be stowed in a SUP mounted pole holder or stashed under cargo bungies. This would be for those times while fishing when you temporarily need both hands free in order to do something.

    This pouch would also double as a place to stash a drink bottle or a couple of cans of your favorite beverage.

    6. At least two D-ring attachment points

    For small items like pliers, scissors, whistle, etc.

    7. A clear, waterproof card sleeve on the outer surface of one air bladder.

    This would contain a card which had all of your "In Case of Emergency" information on it.

    8. An optional admin pouch on the chest.

    It would mount in between the two bladders and be able to carry small items. When opened the flap would be suspended to create a small, flat work surface without having to sit or kneel and use the board itself as a work area.

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