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I've tried everything and it doesn't work.

That's what my son will say to me after he tried the exercises (proposed from my point of view😀 ) imposed (from his point of view) to improve his results at school.

In the business, we sometimes hear “only the result counts”. This implies that we don't care about the effort.

In the end, the two are completely linked.

    1. So where to focus?

    You’re more likely to get the result (out of your control) and feel better (because in your control) by going through the prolonged effort phase.

    2. If you want to [your goal]

    –If you want to stop a bad leadership behavior

    –If you want to start a good habit

    –If you want to find more customers

    3. Did I do my best to appreciate my teams today?

    Focus on the effort by asking yourself a daily question related to your goal.

    4. But for it to really work...

    looking for continuous improvement in your effort has to be part of the equation (which my boy is not interested in doing right now 😀 for his homework)

    5. Effort + striving for continuous improvement = Success (almost) guaranteed

    6. And even if you don't succeed

    the process that is in your control brings you meaning and happiness.

    7. On your marks, get set, effort + continuous improvement quest.

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