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An update on how I'm feeling.

    1. Feeling a lot better

    My happiness level's are back to normal.  I feel great.  Not only that I'm at peace and more confident.  I knew I'd get out of this stronger.

    2. Energy

    I started to feel my energy return today.  It's still very much depleted, but feeling that slight boost today was nice.

    3. Dr

    I'm seeing the Dr tomorrow.  I'm proud I've got this far myself, but finally having professional help will be nice.

    4. Writing

    I wrote a little bit more of my book this morning.  I'll try and write a little more at a coffee shop later.  It's by no means a lot, but the fact I found the energy to do any sort of work was nice.

    5. Walk

    I'm going to take a walk around Glasgow today.  Walking always helps cheer me up.  I broke my headphones so no podcasts for me today.  Maybe being alone with my thoughts will do me good though.

    6. Teacher !

    I'm working on extending my Teacher! Sketch.  This is what I have so far.  It's not quite there.  I feel there's something there, but it still needs work.  Maybe I'll find the right words on my walk.

    You think I'm stupid? You think I don't know the difference between teacher (my profession) and teach her (the act of teaching a female)? You seriously thought that a SINA star teacher, best teacher in all of china doesn't know the difference? You're as daft as the kids. So why did I do it? He made me look like a fool Infront of my girl. No-one does that. Not even a five year old.

    I was convinced that this would destroy him. Everyone would mock him and my girl would be disgusted at such a sight and never lay eye's on him again. Instead the kid beat me once again by having her go from a hug and a kiss earlier to taking him outside, getting on her knees and removing his pants. (She was changing his pissy trousers)

    Not only that I ended up getting fired all because wee pissy pants couldn't hold it in for an extra five minutes. Disgusting!

    7. Joke

    I wrote a dad joke around my current situation.  Hope you enjoy.

    I've not been feeling well. A month ago I went through a very traumatic event. I thought I was going to die. This last month has been really tough. I've been stressed, angry, depressed and have had no energy to do anything. But for the first time In forever, I've started to feel myself again. I'd prefer if someone else did it, but unfortunately I'm still single.

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