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Journal Questions

As part of my Instagram project I have dedicated a day to journal questions.

These questions should lead you to thinking better and help with understanding the task that they are linked to.

    1. I'm Awesome List

    1. What 3 things are you most proud of achieving?

    2. How did you grow as a result of persuing them?

    3. How does focusing on your archivements make you feel?

    2. Idea Muscle

    1. What Idea list did you write today?

    2. How has your problem solving improved, due to idea lists?

    3. What idea would you like to work on further?

    3. Imagine others want the best for you

    1. How has imagining people think the best about you changed the way you act?

    2. What do you imagine they are thinking?

    3. What new phrases could you imagine strangers are thinking?

    4. Journaling

    1. What did you do today?

    2. How would you rate today?

    3. How can you make tomorrow better than today?

    5. Imagination is worse than reality

    1. What events went better than you imagined?

    2. What events where worse?

    3. What's your imagination stopping you from doing?

    4. Will things really be as bad as you imagine?

    6. Learn something new

    1. What did you learn today?

    2. What sources do you use to learn new things?

    3. What would you like to learn more about?

    7. Life is a gamble

    1. How have you moved the odds to your favour?

    2. If things don't go your way, what's the next best outcome?

    3. How has viewing life as a gamble changed your thinking?

    8. Make it easy

    1. How have you made good habits easier ?

    2. How have you made bad habits harder?

    3. What improvements have you noticed as a result?

    9. Make others happy

    1. Who did you make happy today? (doing something for someone)

    2. How did you make them happy?

    3. How do you feel after making others happy?

    4. What are three ways you could make someone happy tomorrow?

    10. Make people matter (Letting them do something for you)

    1. How did you make someone matter today?

    2. What was their reaction?

    3. What are three ways you can make someone matter tomorrow?

    11. Make the world a better place

    1. What problems did you solve today?

    2. How do you feel, knowing that you improved the world, a little today?

    3. How could you make the world a better place tomorrow?

    12. Meaning

    1. What gives your life meaning?

    2. How did you pursue your meaning today?

    3. How does the peruse make you feel?

    4. How will you manifest your meaning tomorrow?

    13. Morning routines

    1. What are your morning routines?

    2. How can you improve them?

    3. How has morning routines improved your life?

    14. Music is hypnotic

    1. What type of music do you listen to?

    2. How does it affect your thinking?

    3. How does it affect your actions?

    4. Does it improve your life?

    15. No Complainig Challenge

    1. Have you managed a week without complaining?

    2. Who could help you solve your problems?

    3. How has seeking solutions instead of complaining improved your life?

    16. Nothing done well is insignificant

    1. What good have you done this week?

    2. Are you proud of your achievement?

    3. What good can you do tomorrow?

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