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Learning to Meditate: What I've Noticed

Meditation. I've never been keen on it. Lately, I've been working it into my life. Here are five (recent) positive improvements I've seen because of it.

    1. Clarity

    I drink coffee a. because it tastes delicious b. it wakes me up and c. it's immediately noticeable the effect caffeine has on me.

    Meditation isn't like that.

    In the past, I avoided doing it because it wasn't "coffee" to my problems. No hit from the dopamine. Except after a week or so when I notice something is different (in a positive way) I can look back at this one change I've made and see it's making me better.


    I'm calmer and I don't rush into thoughts as easily. Anxiety, better.


    2. Unlike Working Out

    In years prior I'd always approach meditation like working out. GET OUT THERE AND CRUSH IT!!!

    That never worked, I've found it's more of answering an inner calling. It can't be forced. No voices (yet anyway) have told me to meditate but I treat it as such. When I feel I need to, I answer the call and meditate.

    Maybe after more time spent in this practice, I will need to up the intensity. Time will tell.

    3. What? You said something?

    I've noticed I'm more giving in my listening instead of my talking. That is, I'm listening to the other person instead of waiting on my turn to barf words.

    4. Boring is good

    Ok, not really but that's how I'd feel if I wasn't constantly distracting myself. Now, instead of needing a stimulus, I'm more comfortable with allowing myself to be silent. Both inwardly and outwardly?

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