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Lessons From the Movie "Burnt"


Fun little movie.


    1. People Love Comeback Stories

    You can come back from almost anything if you make amends for what you have done and are willing to change course.

    2. Mourn your own way

    Cooper's character sentenced himself to schuck 1 million oysters before he could get back to doing what he was best at. This took 3 years. This is an extreme example of paying your penance, but we all have our ways.

    3. Your actions have consequences

    If you mess up, you'll have to pay a price. In Burnt, Bradley Cooper's character owes money and has ruined many relationships that may not be repairable.

    4. The best of the best have no balance

    I've never seen someone at the top of the mountain in their field be a well-balanced person. You sacrifice a lot to get to this level. You also might have characteristics or personality disorders that make normal life impossible.

    5. Be true to yourself

    Meaning, don't follow the cookie-cutter path. Unless you are a cookie-cutter type of person. Then you are being true to yourself. You have to follow your own rules to reach your potential. Mentors, etc are great, but only if they let you find yourself. Don't follow the exact path of others. Even the great ones.

    6. Art inspires all

    Cooper's food inspired everyone around him who came to the restaurant or worked with him. Even Cooper's biggest rival found inspiration from Cooper directly.

    7. The great ones have charisma

    In their own way. They draw people towards them.

    8. The great ones are never content

    They always strive for more. This is a blessing and a curse.

    9. Take criticism well

    When those close to Cooper criticized his work, he didn't like it, but he took it to heart and made changes quickly.

    10. Work with great people who you trust

    He only wanted those who he respected and trusted to work with him.

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