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Let’s not mistake symbols themselves for the ultimate truth. (1 min 56 sec)

Let’s not mistake symbols themselves for the ultimate truth. (1 min 56 sec)

    1. The feather represents lightness, freedom, and the transcendence of duality.

    Misinterpretation: Seeing the feather as a physical object rather than a symbol of spiritual liberation.

    2. Breath symbolizes the vital life force.

    Misinterpretation: Identifying the breath as a personal possession rather than a universal phenomenon.

    3. Silence signifies the ineffable nature of reality.

    Misinterpretation: Viewing silence as a mere absence of sound rather than a gateway to deeper understanding.

    4. The mirror symbolizes the reflection of reality and the interconnectedness of all things.

    Misinterpretation: Seeing the mirror as the source of reality rather than a reflection.

    5. The ocean represents the underlying unity and vastness of existence.

    Misinterpretation: Viewing the ocean as separate waves rather than recognizing their unity.

    6. The lotus flower symbolizes the unfolding of consciousness.

    Misinterpretation: Treating the lotus flower as a mere physical object rather than a representation of spiritual growth.

    7. The sun and moon signify the complementary aspects of existence, such as light and dark, awareness, and the unconscious.

    Misinterpretation: Seeing the sun and moon as separate entities rather than interconnected symbols.

    8. The mandala represents the wholeness of existence.

    Misinterpretation: Focusing on the intricate patterns of the mandala rather than the underlying unity it represents.

    9. The yin and yang symbolize the interplay of opposites and the balance between them.

    Misinterpretation: Treating yin and yang as distinct and opposing forces rather than complementary aspects.

    10. Empty Space signifies the formless and boundless nature of reality.

    Misinterpretation: Perceiving empty space as a void or absence rather than a presence.

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