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Library June 4th Book Sale List #5 - Elizabeth Peters Last List!

I promise this is the last list of Peters books that I scarfed up from my local library book sale last Saturday. I am enjoying the first read a lot and look forward to the rest of the haul.

I have always heard the rule that one should write what you know - and I think Peters has done that. Remember that she has a PhD in Egyptology and if you have looked through the previous lists (thank you!) and this last one, the mysteries are made real by using archaeology in Egypt as a setting. I appreciate this the guidance, and her work, even more by sharing the lists which also help me organize the collection.

Tomorrow I am on to Catnap Books https://catnap-books.edan.io . The feedback is really true. You can get lost in the shelves of bargain priced books. My wife goes for books for the grandkids, and I go for, well, ...

    1. Crocodile on the Sandbank

    An Amelia Peabody mystery novel. This is her debut Egyptian adventure! She befriends a jilted lover and the two sail the Nile, running into a mummy. Accidents, strange visits and a botched kidnapping follow and convince Amelia there is a plot to hard her new friend Evelyn. Who wants to harm Evelyn and why?

    2. The Deeds of the Disturber

    An Amelia Peabody novel. Amelia, is of course an Egyptologist, and an amateur sleuth (I realize, like many main characters in cozy mysteries, although these are not cozies). A night watchman in a British museum has died, and the mystery is who is the murderer. Amelia's husband and son are back to help with the case that takes them from London to Cairo.

    3. Lion in the Valley

    An Amelia Peabody mystery novel. Here, Amelia's son Ramses is very young. They all head for the Black Pyramid in Dahshoor for a dig. Ramses is abducted and it is likely that Amelia's arch nemisis is involved. Something more that ill-gotten riches motivates the evil genius, and yet, Amelia has sworn to bring him to justice.

    4. The Snake, The Crocodile and the Dog

    An Amelia Peabody novel. Amelia and her husband are searching for Nefertiti's tomb in this novel. As they arrive in Amarna, Amelia and Emerson encounter danger, a kidnapping plot and a villian (in disguise) in their group. Amelia gets oh-so-close to her goal, but what she encounters instead is that the loss of treasures is far more precious than any antiquity - Amelia and Emerson's lives are at stake.

    5. Devil May Care

    Ellie is house-sitting at her eccentric Aunt Kate's estate in Burnton, Virginia. She discovers there are disturbing secrets about the aristocracy buried in an old book she has, but Ellie's sudden interest in the past brings unwelcome guests, some living, and some not so. Ellie has gone too far and aroused vengance that is now aimed at her and her friends.

    6. The Jackal's Head

    Althea Tomlinson returns to Egypt(!) on a sightseeing trip, chaperoning a teenager. And yet, her real motive for coming is to clear her father's name who died there ten years before. There are mysteries to uncover and resolve, with painful memories that propel her to ancient tombs, legendary treasures, miraculous discoveries, ... and closer to her probable doom.

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