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List of people who have contributed in changing the world in a remarkable way

OK, here's my list of ten people who have contributed to changing the world in a remarkable way:


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    1. Martin Luther

    Introduced the concept of Lutheranism which argues that Scripture from both the Old and New Testaments are the final authority of knowledge for matters of faith and morals based on the authority (God) of the text. Led to the Protestant Reformation which altered the theology and practice of the Catholic church.

    2. Leonardo DaVinci

    One of the great painters of the Renaissance period whose works inspired a legion of artists to focus on human forms and gestures. Also an accomplished publisher in the study of both anatomy and physiology.

    3. William Shakespeare

    One of the world's great dramatists whose works have been studied and performed more than any other playwright. Transformed the nature and style of both drama and comedy which to this day profoundly influences all manner of entertainment today.

    4. Issac Newton

    One of the greatest mathematicians and physicists of all time. Came up with the theory of gravity and the laws of motion which led to a new understanding of how planetary bodies move. Also built the first reflecting telescope which allows astronomers to see space in a new and enlightened way.

    5. Thomas Jefferson

    The third president of the United States, the principal architect of the Declaration of Independence. Oversaw the Louisiana Purchase from France which greatly expanded the scope of territory in the United States.

    6. Adam Smith

    Author of both The Theory of Moral Sentiments and The Wealth of Nations. Considered to be the intellectual "father" of capitalism by exploring how countries pursue their self-interests with the goal of public good by using political and economic advantages guided by an "invisible hand". Changed the way countries think about the trade and economic growth for decades.

    7. Karl Marx

    German philosopher whose treatise The Communist Manifesto changed the way the world thinks about capitalism and class conflicts based on the means of production. His thinking led many countries to adopt and modify this method of economic thought with varying results over time.

    8. Sigmund Freud

    Father of psychoanalysis. Developed therapeutic techniques such as the use of free association as well as formulating the Oedipus complex as a major contributor to understanding sexuality. Influenced countless numbers of social scientists in the medical community across the globe.

    9. Mohandas Gandhi

    An Indian lawyer promoted the idea of non-violent resistance to achieve political gains. Believed in civil and women's rights far before it was fashionable to do so globally. Helped chart a course for India's independence from British colonial rule. One of the intellectual forefathers of the modern civil rights movements later in the United States.

    10. Harry S. Truman

    33rd president of the United States. Implemented the Marshall Plan to rebuild Western Europe after WWII. Also helped to establish NATO to stem the tide of Communism across Western Europe after WWII. Established the Truman Doctrine whose goal was to support countries threatened by authoritarian regimes and Communist ideals. The doctrine is still used by American presidents in foreign policy to this day.


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