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List of todays Ideas

looking for ideas for passive income ideas that i do from anywhere in the world & require very little interaction from me. Not so I can be lazy but so I can monitor and manage

    1. Create and use existing software to create original stories and sell them on Amazon

    2. Create a trailer for a bicycle that hauls a kayak but has the capability to be secured to teh bike to prevent theft (not so passive but fun)

    3. Pull data from open source internet sources and use that information to identify threats to corporations and sell that as a service to large corporations

    4. Create a predictive analysis tool to identify violent extremist and sex traffickers on the internet

    5. Learn to type

    6. Python script to interact with Business services and create a webpage(s) based on criteria

    7. Create a library of headers to make webpage requests

    8. sell my database of categorized code examples for VBA

    9. Create a software to design cover art for ebooks based on the content

    10. Start a service to sell new age digital products and ebooks online

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