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Look Outside. List 10 things you see and be grateful they exist.

    1. Mailbox

    Honestly so happy we get and receive mail

    2. Sun

    Love the sun all year long!

    3. Driveway

    because it leads to my house and how blessed am I to have a house.

    4. My Husband

    Because two are better than one, especially when it's the right one!

    5. Green

    We have had a wet summer and everything is still green

    6. Plump Cacti

    Because we have had a wetter summer

    7. My husband's friend

    We are so blessed with some amazing people in our lives. He has his friends and they go and do their "guy" things. I have my friends and we go and do our "girl" things. Then we have our couple friends that we do and do things as a couple. We are truly lucky to have these people in our lives.

    8. Our Dog

    He is an old man in dog years. He is the best first dog ever. He went to work with us everyday from day one. He went on trail runs and then hiking. It has been hard watching him slow down and get older. Chances are high that he will not be with us in another year and that breaks our hearts. I had a friend say that is why they will never have a dog, it is just too hard when they pass away. It will be hard and for my husband it will be crushing but to have never had the unconditional love of a dog because of the heartache one will experience when loosing them just seems sadder than the heartache itself.

    9. Table

    Our outside table which has been a gathering place with friends. Quiet dinners and breakfast with my hubby just enjoying our view and the place of some pretty competitive cribbage games with the same man.

    10. Barbecue

    Provider of awesome food, with and without alcohol.

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