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Low Capital Crypto Speculation

It never hurts to have a reminder of the passive income ideas of the cryptocurrency space to consider. We regularly see the move to digital currency and it only makes sense to have your low percentage of capital for asymmetric speculative plays. What would you add to this list of blockchain related projects that don't have a prohibitively high barrier to entry?

    1. HiveMapper

    For a little over $500 you get a chance to make an investment in a Web3.0 project that looks to address distributed collection of data for the mapping industry of $300 billion!? With a cap of 10 billion HONEY tokens in their map data collection reward economy, it seems like a high-risk higher-reward flyer to me.

    2. Helium Mining

    Although in principal the idea of providing a distributed WiFi for the Internet of Things merely through a low-power device that can confirm network coverage, seems like a great idea there are some fine-print details that make going for the middle-range option the only one that could eventually become profitable.

    3. SweatCoin

    Unfortunately this is not a real cryptocurrency but like STEPN's GMT there is an incentive to use this fitness-based digital currency to keep track of your daily self-improvement habits. There are no tokenomics to speak of [since coins are 'minted' with your movement but no blockchain based exchange] yet there is a user experience that gives you insight into the move-to-earn idea and may give someone insight into their activity patterns (without spending the non-trivial amounts of money in SOL and GMT).

    4. Divi Currency

    Such a smooth and easy to function Wallet for such a simple, low-priced currency makes Divi one of the best cryptocurrencies both to have a real product to learn the transaction structures of the crypto economy, while also being inexpensive enough to encourage mass adoption by standard users (not formally trained investors) especially if you are sending small amounts of money internationally. Dropping Western Union and other high-priced money intermediaries is a welcome change when trying to give personalized help abroad.

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