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Make Money With Premium Idea Lists - Launching in a Few Days

Start thinking of ideas you might want to do that you can make premium.

    1. We're Launching!

    In addition to "Public" and "Private" Idea Lists, you will now be able to launch PREMIUM idea lists. Idea Lists you can charge for.

    2. How it will work

    A) You will go to your settings and let us know how we can send you the money

    B) When you make an Idea List (for instance, an online course) you

    1) Make the list. You will also be able to say what this list is about and the first part of the list will be visible but they have to pay to see the rest.

    2) Set it as "Premium", instead of the default which is "Public"

    3) Set a price. And THAT'S IT. I hope people will make a living by creating premium idea lists.


    3. What sort of lists might make the most money?

    I have no idea! We are excited to see. But consider:

    An online course, a special report, a premium chapter from a book, a premium podcast episode, a patreon-like offer, etc.

    4. Example special reports

    A) "10 stocks for a recession"

    B) "The 10 supplements for extra brain power"

    C) "10 online ways to make $600 in a weekend".

    D) "The 10 Best Secret Restaurants in NYC" (or any place).

    E) "5 cryptos that will benefit from the Ethereum Merge"

    F) "5 Fantasy Sports Tips Before the Upcoming Draft".

    etc. Think of better ideas than these!

    Try stuff out. Some will make money and some won't.

    5. Example online courses

    A) "How to monetize your TikTok videos"

    B) "How to do a sales cold call" (actual course a friend of mine made on SkillShare that he pays his rent with).

    C) "How to learn Java"

    D) "10 steps to an easy divorce" (I hope people don't need this but I would've paid money for a report like this).

    E) "Physics Course: How the Universe Started - a summary of all the theories, from Multiverse to Quantum Gravity to The Big Bang."

    F) "How to Learn French By Learning these 1000 Words".

    G) "How to Invest in Stocks"

    H) "The Ten Minute Workout."

    I) "How to Play the Sicilian Defense in Chess"

    J) "How to Make a Bonsai Tree"

    K) "How to Beat Your Friends at Scrabble"

    L) "How to Do 3D Design"

    M) "How to Start an Online Agency"

    N) "How to Do Affiliate Marketing"

    O) "How to Make Money Doing Alibaba Arbitrage"

    P) "How to Self-Publish a Book"

    Q) "How to Do a Great Podcast"

    etc. I don't know! There will be ideas that surprise us. Again, it doesn't hurt to try and see what works. Some things will work, some won't. Experiment!

    6. How to Market Premium Content

    A) Keep writing GREAT Public Idea Lists to attract community

    B) Do a Twitter Thread with some of the ideas but then say, "To see the rest, click here" and click to the premium idea list page that you set up.

    C) Social Proof: Have testimonials

    D) Authority: Have well known people give a testimonial

    E) Give: Give some things for free

    F) Answer the Objections: Why you?, for instance.

    7. The 6 Us for Creating an information product

    Why the problem you solve is URGENT to your demographic. For example: "I can never get a cab when it rains!"
    Why is your solution unique: "We aggregate 100s of car services into one simple app. Nobody else does this."
    Why is your solution useful to the lives of the people you plan on selling to or deliver your message to: "We get you there on time."
    This shows there is no fluff: "Our app knows where you are. Your credit card is pre-loaded. You hit a button and a car shows up in 4-5 minutes." 

Of course the example I give is for Uber but you can throw in any other example you want.
    In other words, make it as easy as possible for someone to say "yes". Like a money back guarantee, for instance. Or a giveaway. Or higher equity. Or testimonials from people you both know. Etc.
    Unquestionable Proof
    This can be in the form of profits. Or some measurable statistic. Or testimonials. Or a good wing-man. Whatever it takes.

    8. Can It be Video Content?

    Of course! Create your video on YouTube but make it private.

    Give people access when they buy your premium idea list.

    Have links to your private videos on the premium idea list that people can see once they pay.

    9. When are we launching?

    We've already fully tested on our test site. It's ready!

    We'll launch with a few premium lists (if you want to write one this first week let us know!).

    And then a few days after that, we'll let everyone have the capability of making a premium idea list.

    10. The benefits of doing an online course or special report or newsletter here at NotePD

    A) Built in community. I don't know of an online learning site that has that.

    B) You can create a good mix of free content and premium content.

    C) This is a good community. People come here because they are interested in exercising their creativity muscle, getting ideas by reading other public idea lists, and sharing their own idea lists.

    D) The reason people come to NotePD is because making idea lists is a great to exercise the idea muscle and interact with other people interested in self-improvement. It's a community that helps each other.

    F) Premium idea lists is yet another way to help others.

    G) We are building new features (such as Communities, mobile app (ready soon), an ability to turn an idea list into a podcast, etc) that will continue to improve the community and attract more people interested in your content.

    H) It's EASY!

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