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Make Up 12 English Words and Expressions

Most of these are literal translations of expressions from our dialect in the Austrian state of Salzburg and from German. Stole the idea from @lovingkindnesscomedy who stole it from @coachmattfried.

    1. A wild dog

    A crazy and reckless guy

    2. Being birdy

    Being mad. From the pictorial expression that a crazy person has a bird that is up to mischief in their head.

    3. Larm

    As far as I know, the English language doesn't have a word for a noise that is loud and annoying at the same time.

    4. Lookable

    In the sense of: Be so vivid and clear that an understandable picture emerges immediately. An equivalent of "anschaulich".

    5. Greatish

    Big and pompous in nature.

    6. Forthpulling

    So wonderful that it pulls you off your feet.

    7. Tummyachy

    Extremely unsympathetic and thus causing stomach pains.

    8. Incense swayer

    An overly solemn and hypocritical person

    9. Look-down-shy

    Someone who gets scared when they are at high altitude

    10. Homet

    A word that combines the meanings of hometown, homeland and familiar surroundings from childhood.

    11. Damage joy

    Literal translation of the word "Schadenfreude": The joy one feels when a misfortune befalls an unloved person.

    12. Foam beater

    A person who makes a lot of fuss

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