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Making something out of flight time

Sure, you can watch a movie on that cross country flight but here are some ideas to make that flight more productive. 

Seattle --> Atlanta, 4 hours and 40 minutes

    1. Morning pages

    3 pages of long hand journaling

    2. 10 ideas

    I think you get this one

    3. Meditation

    Close our eyes, listen to Sam Harris or Dan Harris or just set the timer and breath. You've got the time today. 

    4. Fast

    People spend a lot of time on snacks for their travel days and they crush everything in the first 15 minutes. Why? Their bored. 

    Try fasting during your travels instead. Easier and better for your. That's a good combo. 

    Plus, eating on a jet is nasty. Those tables are gross and your hands are filthy. 

    5. Prepare to die

    Surrender. You have no control. Like fight club, you could look out that window and see another jet heading right for you. 

    6. Read!

    Avoid distraction, and crush out a few chapters of the book you've been carrying around. 

    7. Learn

    Many flights offer LinkedIn learning in their entertainment package. Use it. Come out the other side of that tube a changed human. 

    If they don't have LinkedIn Learning, find a documentary or podcast on something heavy. Focus and learn. 

    8. Hydrate

    Flying can be really dehydrating, so drink up, avoid the sauce, and be ready to go when you land. 

    9. Walk the halls

    Don't let that long flight kill your mobility. Get up a few times, walk the halls, touch the toes, and stay on the path. 

    10. Listen to strangers

    I'm a work from home talk on zoom world, we miss out on hearing random conversations and interactions from others. Listen in, you might hear new perspectives or just get some dialogue materials for your next book. 

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