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Mastering Customer Service: 5 Essential Scenarios and How to Handle Them


    1. Leave every situation happy

    We remember extremes and endings. So, even if the interaction hasn't been great if you drag it out a little longer and leave on a happy note that's what the customer will remember. 

    2. Ask

    Ask if customers need help. Even if they don't, knowing someone cares enough to ask will give them a more positive view of the business. 

    3. Poker face

    I remember reading that people are more likely to buy from someone with a poker face than with extreme expressions. Would you buy from someone with over the top expressions?

    We feel that the person with the poker face is more honest and honesty is a value all buisnesses should wait their customers to associate with them. 

    4. Mirror minus 1

    If a custom is angry remaining calm or getting angrier at them is likely to solve anything. Instead you should match their anger minus 1

    They'll then match you.  You continue to minus one until they're matching you in a calm state. 

    I'm gonna fucking kill him! 

    Yeah he deserved his head kicked in. 

    Yeah. Like did he really think he could get away with it? 

    Sounds like a right idiot to think you wouldn't notice. 

    Exactly. What a retard hahaha! 

    Haha! Yeah. Well let me help you out instead. 

    This example is quicker than it will be in real life, but hopefully you get the idea. 

    5. Long term customers

    If an item is going on offer tomorrow let them know. You'll lose money today, but the customer will appreciate your honesty and you'll make more money of them in the long term. 

    6. Commonalities

    Find something you have in common with customers and talk about that. We all like people that have things in common with us. They'll associate this with the store and like it more as a result 

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