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Memorable First Moments in Your Life

    1. Kindergarten. When I came home after that first day my Mom asked me how it went. I responded with, "It was okay but I'm not going back"

    2. My Second Year of Third Grade. My parents found out that us 5 kids were not learning how they thought we should in Los Angeles Public schools we were all pulled out and put in a private school. Ouch!

    3. Experiencing God's spirit in a very real and intimate way in Medford, Oregon when I was 13 years old. Changed my entire life.

    4. Dropping out of High School.

    5. Making a conscious decision that if I stayed "shy" I would not be able to love others as I felt was modeled by Jesus in scripture.

    6. Getting married 36+ years ago.

    7. The birth and life of my Son 32+ years ago.

    8. Adopting my Daughter 15 years ago. Completely different for wife to give birth to a child VS having a child brought to our home by CPS, fostering and then adopting. But the love is the same.

    9. Hitting Hawaii as my 50th state last year, with my Son and his wife (it was also my Son's last state, which made it extra special).

    10. Turning 60 this month. More painful than I thought it would be :)

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