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Memories: Water under the bridge (5 min 20 sec)


Memories are events of the past, no longer relevant, resolved, or forgotten. There's no point in dwelling on them as they are out of sight and have no impact on your current situation. They are like water under the bridge, no longer affecting the present.

    1. Identifying with memory.

    You cannot separate what you believe you are from your memory. This gives you "security."
    What you call knowledge are your pains, your pleasures, your desires, your titles, your degrees, your accomplishments, and your possessions which are all things of the past. - MEMORY - The already gone.
    It's never to be seen or experienced again. I don't know if you're getting this but please remain with the writer and follow the breadcrumbs.

    2. The "story of me” brings about a sense of continuity which again is memory.

    Who do you believe that you are? 
    You believe that you are your persona, your personality, or your avatar, which are inextricably linked to memory itself - these aspects are not separate entities from you, but rather integral parts of your identity.

    3. Your memory is the only thing that continues.

    Said another way, your ability to retain and recall past events, knowledge, and skills is the only thing going on.
    That's where your "security" lies. The only way to perpetuate a made-up sense of self is through remembrance of the past.
    The only thing that gives rise to your continuity is your memory which is all in the past. Without such memory, what would give rise to your existence?
    Your memory is the only factor in your life that has continuity. Nothing else can claim such a distinction.

    4. What has continuity seems to give security but does it really?

    Your past continues but it's modified. 
    What does the writer mean by a modified past?
    Memory distortions occur simply with the passage of time and with repeated recounting of events. Not only do mundane memories become weaker and more susceptible to distortion over time, but emotional and traumatic "flashbulb memories" are also susceptible to these automatic distortions says the neuroscience of memory.
    Anything that breaks up, such as your relationships, friendships, careers, partnerships, businesses, journeys, adventures, or celebrations ends continuity. 
    When things end you become frightened about their ending. Anything that interrupts the continuity, your safe haven, is frightening.
    Anything that mimics continuity, as memory does, makes you feel safe and secure.
    As a human being, you desire continuity more than anything yet the very thing that gives you the security and continuity you seek, you pay no attention to.

    5. The writer's mother and father are dead. They are gone. They are buried and have tombstones to prove it. They are finished but the memories remain.

    Memory is not the actual. The actual is that they are gone, never to return.
    Memory is not the thing. Images of the writer's mother and father are not the mother and father.
    Memory is not reality. Reality is both are dead.
    Memory is not what is happening now. What is happening now is that the writer is writing about the remembrance of his mother and father.
    If the writer keeps a photo of his mother and father sitting on a mantle piece and he keeps looking at it, is that his mother and father?....
    or is that merely a picture of them? 
    If the writer remembers his mother and father is the memory itself his mom or his dad?
    The writer appears to have security if his mom and dad were still living. He loves them and they love him. He feels safe and secure that they will protect him. They feel safe that he will take care of them in their old age. Death breaks the continuity.
    The memories that the writer has about his mother and father represent something that is gone, dead, finished, and over.

    6. So.............memory is not real.

    Reality is always what is happening now.
    Fantasy is what you wish were happening but isn't. And this my friend, is why you suffer.
    Although memory appears to have continuity it is a dead phenomenon.
    You seek security in something that is dead.
    You seek security in something that is no more.
    When you cling to memory, you are clinging to something that is dead.
    What a discovery for yourself that what you cling to is "water under the bridge."
    There is no security in memory.
    But you are unwilling to go to this place and find out for yourself.
    All your years of programming blocks your awareness of this Truth.
    A major rewiring of your brain is in order, wouldn't you agree?

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