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Mirror, Mirror

What could your mirror say to you

Mine would be an AI mirror.

It would have microphones as well as speakers 

It would also be a screen to show images whilst still acting as a mirror

The mirror is apart of me it's I we are one and the same

It could show you how to apply your make up and which style for your hair

It could notice if yo evhad enough sleep or if you are awakeit could be connected to Alexa 

    1. Today I (you) am (are) going to be awesome

    The mirror will speak affirmations I will also be able to reaffirm affirmations as the mirror will have subtittles

    2. Today on your iternary you have these important tasks

    The mirror will summarize the most important tssks

    3. You are looking well rested you appear to have had a good night's sleep

    The mirror will scan your face to see what sleep you've had

    4. Hey wakeky wakeky you've got to get out of the house in 15 minutes

    The mirror will give you urgent prompts to increase energy levels and direct you to take action

    5. Hey have you done your excercises this morningb

    6. The mirror will hold you to account . David Goggins refers to the accountibility mirror

    7. Hey why the sad face, do you want to hear

    The mirror will gage your emotions  and try to address

    8. Hey just a quick update on the news

    The mirror can give you a 60 second update on the news

    9. Hey why don't you try slowing that part down and look outeard

    Practise speech's and talks in front of the mirror and it will give you feed back 

    10. Your eye looks sore I advise you contact your GP Doctor let's ring them now

    The mirror can diagnose medical issues 

    11. Hey there's a build up of tartar/plaque on your teeth

    Why not get your mirror to examine your mouth, open wide and day ahhh!

    12. Your rooms a bit untidy isn't Jill coming round why not at least make the bed

    Nudge you to undertake better habits

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