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Mirrors Don't Save Images

There's only one way to change your life and that is by changing your mind.

The application of these ideas will change your life.

Sounds simple enough, right? Not so fast.

    1. Outer

    Our outer world is only and always a mirror image of our ...

    • inner landscape
    • our attitudes
    • our most conditioned and programmed ideas

    2. Distorted Beliefs

    We believe the outer world....

    • has nothing to do with us
    • is an independent entity separate from us
    • has nothing to do with our thinking

    3. The Disconnect

    As long as we believe in the disconnect that what I'm thinking, believing, and paying attention to and what's going on in my world is an exact match --- we're going to be misguided.

    The outer world is just as much an effect as the image is in a mirror.

    4. No Influence

    To think that I don't have any influence over what's happening in the world is absurd and doomed to failure and disappointment.

    The right perspective is to be aware that we are the ones in charge of:

    • Our attitudes
    • Our ideas
    • Our beliefs
    • Our thoughts
    • Our emotions

    These are the ingredients that inform and create everything that happens in our outside world.

    5. Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

    Question: When you approach a mirror has it ever occurred to you to wonder about what's going to show up?

    Answer: No, you're perfectly confident that when you stand in front of the mirror it's going to be you. It will be you in REAL TIME in whatever you have on.

    It won't be you in "yesterday's clothes."

    It won't be you in "tomorrow's clothes."

    Mirror's Don't Save Images

    Our World Doesn't Save Images

    Our worlds are newly created every second based on our attitude.-


    Question: As you move toward a mirror and stand in front of it how much effort (doing-ness on your part) is required for your image to appear?

    Answer: None. You are never afraid that when you approach your mirror that you're going to have to negotiate with it in some way so that an image of you shows up.


    Question: When you approach a mirror does your body show up gradually? Does your foot appear, one of your arms, and then the top of your head?

    Answer: There's no lag time. Your whole image appears at once. Our whole world appears at once as a whole just like the image in the mirror.


    Question: If you don't like what shows up in the mirror ...if you don't like the blue shirt you have on do you...

    • threaten the mirror.
    • entreat the mirror.
    • try and bargain with the mirror.
    • say, "please mirror, mirror can you change the color of my shirt from blue to red?"
    • try to gain its approval and negotiate it away.
    • pray that the image in the mirror would be different from what it is.
    • use willpower to change the color of your shirt.
    • demand with a clenched fist to the mirror that the color must change.
    • clean the mirror with a lint-free cloth expecting the image to change.

    The mirror does nothing. It just sits there and looks back at us.

    All to no avail.

    The reflection is always only going to be a mirror image of what I've got on....what I'm wearing.

    My world is always going to show up according to my attitude.



    6. Intellectual Beliefs vs Truth

    The world is always telling us what we actually believe NOT what we intellectually believe.

    We can say, "I absolutely believe that I'm a deserving person" but everything in your life looks like you don't deserve much of anything.

    So although you may affirm and have and intellectual idea that "yes" I absolutely deserve a great life somewhere you don't believe it at the most fundamental level or your world would reflect it.

    7. Your Life Is One Big Diagnostic Machine

    Your life is always going to reflect back to you what you most earnestly believe and think.

    In order for our outer worlds to change, we must change some very foundational thinking.

    We must rid ourselves of any limited thinking.

    We must rid ourselves of thinking that is fear-based.

    We must have thoughts that are more loving and expansive.

    Just as I can count on a mirror to faithfully reflect back to me what it sees, my world just as faithfully is going to reflect back to me my general attitude towards life.

    8. Getting our way is not the way

    Up to this point, we would have believed that if I could only get my way then I could have a good attitude.

    This approach never works. I've got to have my good attitude first.

    Nobody expects the image in the mirror to change the blue shirt first.

    We are very clear that we must go first for anything to be different.

    9. Cultivating a good attitude

    If we don't have a good attitude at this point it's our responsibility to cultivate one.

    Here are some effective ways:

    • let go of all grievances
    • see the innocence in everyone you meet
    • understand that either we're all innocent or we're all guilty
    • be kind, loving, compassionate, and caring
    • put people before money
    • give with no expectation in return
    • do for your sister what you would do for yourself

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