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Missing iPhone .... aka MY LIFE

I had some girlfriends over this afternoon. After a couple of glasses of wine, theirs not mine, I offered to cook dinner. After more glasses of wine and seeing them off, I realized when I got back, my phone was missing. We were using if for Sonos tunes. I believe one of them picked it up and yet I haven't been able to contact them. What do I do?

    1. Fire up an old 2nd hand that I still pay for and see if I can make contact... to no avail so far.

    2. Email ... no response

    3. They are house sitting, and I don't know the address. Try to locate THAT address. Sketchy.

    4. Honestly, I'm at a loss. Not sure I can find them until Monday.

    5. Go to bed and tackle the problem in the morning. A bit freaked out to realize how much I depend on that small hand computer. Things that can't be accomplished on the desk top.

    6. Be open for any suggestions from the crowd. I feel cut off. Lost. A bit discombobulated.

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